I am one of those people who believe in the beauty of tangible art. The Internet is a great place to see creative works, no question about it, however the true greatness of an image is best displayed and enjoyed in print. Nothing can replace the beauty of fine art in printed form.  If you have seen my photography work, have been moved by any of my images and feel like acquiring a print of the same, feel free to use the CONTACT page, to reach me. The images shown on this website are available as fine art prints for display in your home or office. All prints are digitally prepared, colour corrected and fine-tuned by me and printed using professional printers, paper types and inks. I ship your print carefully so that it is delivered at its best. All my prints are of reasonable prices depending on the size of the print you'd like to order and I can send you the price and size list upon contact.

This is just a small sample of my work, if you are interested in something specific just send me an e-mail and I will see if I can work something out and fill your order.


All images in this website are © copyright of Akhil Vinayak Menon Photography and available for license use.

If you are interested in using any of my images for stock, commercial or non-commercial use, please contact me:

NOTE: if you prefer you can e-purchase directly from my 500px page.


I have a day job as an IT Professional and undertake photography assignments as well. As a person, I like to travel a lot and love a good challenge. Although I shoot a lot of wildlife during my free time, I have done various types of photographic assignments. I undertake advertising (tabletop, fashion), portrait (corporate, people, couple and kids) and wildlife assignments. So, if you would like to take advantage of my photography skills, feel free to contact me for a price quote with additional information such as the date, duration and location of the photographic assignment.

Additionally, I'd love to hear from you on your impression of my photography or to discuss anything under the sun. It could be about the gear I use or even my most favourite movie. So, don't hesitate and ping me.