Baker Beach Trip / by Akhil Menon

I work in Sunnyvale. This allows me the rare opportunity to travel every now and then to San Francisco which is about an hour drive from my home. SF as its commonly called is a vibrant city with a lot of culture and history behind it and Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most iconic visited tourist spots in the USA.

This weekend, myself and Abhishek decided to capture some images of the Golden Gate Bridge from the Baker Beach. This was a POV we have not tried before and we ended up trekking our way through a wooded coastline region before reaching our point of interest. The following pictures quickly chronicle this trek and the final picture is the image of the day :)

Public barbacue at Baker beach

The woods alongside the coast torn out by the pacific winds

View from top of the hill

Walkway that leads down into the beach, almost seems magical

The view from the beach

The shot of the day, view from down the rock cliff at the beach

If you have the time it is recommended to try all four sides of the bridge to capture different angles of the bridge.