Everyone has to start somewhere, sometime...

I have been often told by people close to me that I should encourage the writing ability in me. As opposed to what I think, they believe that perhaps someday, It may actually get better. So as of today, I think I am going to give it a shot.

I am very much a part of the new-age social media services such as Twitter and Tumblr  already. I spend sometime writing technical blogs relating to work at my company blog page also. I vent my creativity through the medium of Photography however sometimes even though the images convey what I see, I am unable to express what I think. I hope that this page would serve this purpose.

Just to summarize whats going to be penned down here - I hope to log some of the matters relating to my photography, purely individual opinions and random thoughts on this blog post. I hope what I write here is able to at least serve as a good read and if worthy, also generate some thought provoking comments from its readers.